Fibre Optical Lighting

The applications for fibre optic and LEDs in lighting are limited only by the imagination. The effect can be stunning and can be used to add interest and excitement to facades, streetscapes, gardens, water features, artwork and sculpture.

Fibre Optic or LED lighting systems deliver advantages of energy efficiency, safety and precision providing cost effective ways to add eye catching points of difference to light up your home and enhance your outdoor living areas.

Home Applications

Around the home the use of decorative lighting can beautify swimming pools, spas, water features, gardens and outdoor living spaces, enhance wall murals, artwork or architectural elements.

Integrating feature lighting into your great outdoors is easy and affordable and is guaranteed to make your place stand out from the crowd.

Commercial Applications

Fibre Optics and LEDs lighting is becoming more frequently used everyday and can be seen extensively in cinemas, pubs, clubs, casinos and restaurants.

Decorative lighting can be used to stimulate the passage of time with changing visual effects of stars, clouds, sunrise and sunsets providing a subdued, relaxing mood and atmosphere.

Decorative lighting can also used to add elements of excitement, pizzazz and dynamics. Used in night clubs and pubs behind the bar to create beverage displays that are different, colourful and add interest to the interior décor to create an effective and constantly changing feature that is dynamic, modern and stylish.

Urban Applications

In urban settings Fibre Optics and LEDs are used to add interest and excitement to building facade, streetscapes, public parks & gardens, water features, artwork and sculptures.

At night an urban environment takes on an entire different mood and appearance from daytime transformed simply through the use of light, colour, movement, intensity and focal points and can be used to highlight and mark out steps, pathways, trees and foliage.

Main Seacombe Electrical specialise in the area of decorative light and provide design and installation service. A sample of our projects to date includes swimming pools, water features, Mural lighting, and Childcare nursery ceiling star lighting.




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