Security Alarm Systems

We understand your need to safeguard your home and family. Installing a security alarm system is the smartest move you can make your home safe and secure. With advanced and reliable technology and using strategically placed sensors and alarms that blend into your home, Main Security and Automation Systems have you covered in protective security alarm systems.

Although the equipment is highly sophisticated, it is remarkably simple to operate, securing your home with a push of a button. The system can use a combination of door and window sensors, interior motion sensors and glassbreak sensors to detect unauthorised entry. The code pad gives you full control over the system and allows viewing of all devices with ease.

Listed below is only a sample of equipment which can be integrated in your security system.

  • Extensive range of movement sensors available to suit most environments and conditions - Dual Technology, Pet Immunity.
  • Door and window reed switches to the perimeter of the house can be armed while still at home providing security while asleep.
  • Glassbreak/shock sensors can provide added security by detecting vibrations and notify if a window has been forced or broken.
  • Smoke alarm sensors can be connected directly from the panel or via interface to conventional 240V battery backup, providing additional warning to occupants and alerting authorities.
  • Wireless Remote control for easier and portable operation.
  • Connection to house lighting in the event of an alarm.
  • Duress and Medical emergency alarms.
  • Access Control.

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