Intelligent Lighting

If you plan on building your dream home and would like a home that interacts with you , then an intelligent lighting system by Main Security and Automation Systems can turn that dream into reality.

Lighting should not only be functional and practical but can be used to accentuate and draw the eye to physical statements within and around the home. - elements of the homes architecture, art work, a water feature. When you include intelligent lighting and control it can add further grandeur to the experience, with slowly fading lights on or off and in a sequence much in the same way as a theatrical event.

Intelligent lighting control also offers very functional and practical applications and can be integrated with Security or Home Management systems. Turn lights on or off, mood lighting, arm security system and all at the push of a button. Choose from a stunning selection of architectural switch plates including stainless steel and glass, touch screen or phone control to turn on lights, electric blankets or open the front gate.

Our certified installers can design and install a system for the entire home or just living and entertainment areas only.

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