Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Closed Circuit Television or surveillance cameras strategically placed in and around the home or commercial premises provide greater safety and security for the home and family. The ability to check the front door or gate, garage, nursery or swimming pool, provides peace of mind either while at home or away.

Using the latest Digital Video Recording technology (DVR), there is no need for cassette video tapes any more. Images can be saved to a computer and can be viewed whilst still recording. Recording can be continuous, triggered by motion sensor or specific alarm events. Systems range from basic one or two camera / 4 channel DVR to larger eight and sixteen camera systems / 16 channel DVR. Images can be viewed from monitors, television, computer or internet. Rotate from one camera to another, hold on just one camera or all viewed simultaneously.

Main Security and Automation System will work with you to determine your requirements and budget to tailor a system that is not only practical and functional, but easy to use.


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